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2400158 Amstelveen
A9 Badhoevedorp - Holendrecht

Widening a motorway through an urban environment with green integration, that is the biggest challenge of the A9 Badhoevedorp - Holendrecht project.

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Projects that make an impact

Change & innovation in the construction world are essential. Increasing demands are being made in terms of price, quality and costs. Those who want to continue to develop must dare to change, breaking new ground. Count & Cooper takes its responsibility together with our partners. We enable new opportunities & developments. We drive change, change that really helps the construction world move forward.

You can see this way of working and philosophy in our projects. Successful projects start at the drawing board and have no end station. All to build it as efficiently, reliably and profitably as possible.

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The 'Entrance' to Amsterdam

The city side of Amsterdam Central station is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. A renewed design of the ground level and an underwater bicycle parking.

OTK   Laatste damwandplank   color corrected

Widening the canal will make the transport of goods by water faster and safer, and will improve the accessibility of the ports.

Herengracht 2000px
SOK Kademakers

Renewing the inner-city quay walls in the center of Amsterdam, a challenging operation with a major impact.

Completion Noord/Zuidlijn

A new metro line straight through the Amsterdam center with 7 stations and a length of almost 10 km, of which 7 km underground.

Transformation Amstelveenlijn

The Amstelveen line is an important link in the regional public transport of Stadsregio Amsterdam.

Weir ensemble Nederrijn

The Nederrijn and Lek weir ensemble contributes to sufficient (fresh) water in the river area and the IJsselmeer, and smooth and safe shipping.


a construction company that is so committed to your financial bottom line that it’s actually willing to link your financial results to its own. That’s putting its money where its mouth is, by becoming an actual partner instead of a consultant. It’s no longer a matter of imagination. It’s one of the ways in which Count & Cooper, together with its partners, is reinventing construction. Making it more efficient, more predictable and more sustainable.