Change & innovation in the construction world are essential; increasing demands are being made in terms of price, quality and costs. Those who want to continue to develop must dare to change; breaking new ground. Count & Cooper takes its responsibility together with our partners. We enable new opportunities & developments. We drive change; change that really helps the construction world move forward.

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Projects that make an impact

You can see this way of working and philosophy in our projects. Successful projects start at the drawing board and have no end station. All to build it as efficiently, reliably and profitably as possible.

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The Entree
Accessible & the city center. The metamorphosis of the area around Amsterdam Central.

Overview of A9

A9 BaHo
The deepening and widening of the A9 motorway between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht.

The Noord/Zuidlijn
A new connection right through the heart of  Amsterdam.