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Count & Cooper & The Academy

Kickstarting your career

Every Count & Cooper employee, from starter to partner, follows the Count & Cooper Academy with us. During intensive learning modules, coaching programs and training courses, we give all our people the space to get to know themselves and the infrastructure world.

Build your professional self!

Amaze the contruction world

At Count & Cooper we don't want to work by the book. We do not want you to just do what you are told, but that you learn to think critically, outside the box. Because only in this way can you innovate, also in what is considered fixed. That is why we have set up our In-House Academy.

You don't just develop your own strengths. Even more, you will investigate how you can bring out their strengths in others through your leadership. In this way we create space for each other's innovative ideas and together we color outside the lines: the best team to amaze the construction world.

Nothing is like the sound of a crispy new challenge

Challenging training days

on the job coaching

You will follow various personality modules, in which you discuss leadership styles, conversation techniques and presentation.

By alternating know-how with personal skills, in training modules and personal coaching, everyone learns to work better in a team and to fulfill his or her role, from project analyst to senior project lead.

Our starter programme

A special Project Analyst Programme has been set up for our starters. While you work on projects from day one, you will go deeper into management, know-how, innovation and personal skills at our Academy. Because self-knowledge cannot be Googled.

Our modules consist of teaching material and training days in which you further develop yourself as a professional. Prepare for management simulations, serious gaming, role-playing and a learning route outside your comfort zone. In addition, you will receive a permanent mentor with whom you will go deeper into your personal learning curve and you will discuss personal leadership, team dynamics and performance management.

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From doing things right

to doing the right things

Subject-related topics covered during the Project Analyst Programme are planning, project, risk and time management, tender and implementation projects. You will gain a great deal of knowledge of the market and lay the theoretical foundation of our groundbreaking model for project delivery here.

You learn to inspire others, to guide a process and to coach others. You learn to think tactically, what the main points and details are, to put the team first and above all: to do the right things.

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