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Team Lead

full time - starting now

Count & Cooper is looking for an ambitious Team Lead with guts to make a difference in tenders or projects in progress in the field of public infrastructure. A Team Lead who dares to take responsibility for a large scope, someone who ensures that all parties within his or her team perform at their best.

Remodeling the construction world

At Count & Cooper we are working on a new model for integrated project delivery. We are continuously investigating how we can remodel the construction world, with which we work towards a more efficient and flexible model that suits our current society. As the flywheel of a paradigm shift, we are one of the fastest growing players in the construction world. That is why we are looking for an ambitious Team Lead who will strengthen our team.

At Count & Cooper we don't just make a statement, we make it happen. We believe that smart management adds value. We believe in this so strongly that we participate from the set up of a tender - and sometimes even pull the cart by initiating a tender. Because we bear risk, we only want to work with the best-in-class: parties that have developed in their focus area and have become the market leader in this.

Taco kl sqr

Taco Tuinhof

"I have been working at Count & Cooper for six months now and from the very first day I have really enjoyed it: the close-knit project teams, the open and transparent corporate culture and the focus on (personal) development. In addition, time and attention are spent on to reflect together and celebrate successes during countless company days and outings!"

Challenge, innovation, integration

We work on large and complex tenders and implementation projects, because that is where we find the most challenge, innovation and the possibility of smart integration. With us, a project is divided into different specialisms, in which we work on issues regarding, for example, project management, environment or design.

A Team Lead independently guides his or her issue within this specialism and bears responsibility for the team deployed on this scope. The Team Lead functions as an indispensable link between strategic consultation with our Project Leads and Partners and the translation thereof into concrete objectives and strategic elaboration at the executive level.

As a Team Lead you are given the freedom and responsibility to find practical solutions within the framework and to lead on technical challenges.

In the field of personal leadership, you shape yourself from director to the ultimate leader of your team and scope. You distinguish different forms of consultation and how you can actively use and guide them, whereby you effectively coach team members on their emotional intelligence and management aspects.

Who are we looking for?

The profile of our ideal candidate is best described as a particularly ambitious person with a completed technical university education and six years of work experience in the construction sector (project management, implementation, consultancy).

You stand out in your current position, but notice that you're starting to hit the boundaries of your current ambitions. You have strategic ideas about project delivery and would like to implement them. You want to make more impact, you have more courage than is now being asked of you. And you want to work in a team, not show people who work under you who is in charge, you want to earn respect for making them the best version of themselves.

We are looking for a strategic thinker for this position, someone who can align and propagate a project vision. Someone who can facilitate others in doing things right, who can coach, consult and bring added value by directing. A person who finds it challenging to let others rise above themselves, is genuinely proud of the dynamics in his team.

In short, someone who will radiate and practice the Count & Cooper values, courage, professionalism and flair.

Henriëtte Pinckaers

"Working at Count & Cooper has been extremely challenging from day 1. Even though I have no background in the construction sector, Count & Cooper gave me the opportunity to make this step. I am still very happy with that to this day. I am currently working in the Stakeholder Management team of VeenIX on the A9. This project is a good learning experience for me, both for what we as Count & Cooper do and what sets us apart within the construction sector."

Count & Cooper Academy

Human capital is our most important asset, in which we continuously invest. Every employee receives a training program through our Count & Cooper Academy for theoretical deepening, skills and personal leadership.

For Team Leads this means a three-day High Performance Leadership training and two days a year training in the field of self-knowledge, personal development and influence. From the position of Team Lead, you will receive four separate days of training each year in the field of successful leadership and coaching of others.

Everyone at Count & Cooper also follows a technical program in which mentors and professionals give workshops, master classes, workshops and practical modules. Six times a year, all employees participate in an extensive intervision program, in which you openly discuss challenges in our field and personal skills with fellow Team Leads. You will be given the option to choose to apply a specific focus to your training program.

Job structure model and growth

We only participate in large and complex projects, in which we take the lead ourselves. That means a lot of responsibility, which we divide over various key positions for team members. That is why Count & Cooper works with a job structure model, in which employees grow along the same path.

We want and believe that with the right guidance, a Team Lead with us will grow in two years into a multidisciplinary Project Lead, who can effectively coordinate integrated end products, converting the output to be delivered effortlessly into the correct quality criteria. A person who, together with higher management, addresses problems and challenges and identifies commercial opportunities.

A Project Lead grows to Senior Project Lead within two to three years and then chooses to become a Project Manager or Business Lead, whether or not in partnership. We believe that all the people we hire are getting better at what they do and can get further and further at it. That is why we only hire people in whom we see great growth potential.

What can we offer you?

  • Count & Cooper Academy
  • Market-based salary and good bonus scheme
  • Mobility allowance
  • 30 vacation days
  • Challenge and responsibility
  • The best colleagues (really!) In a close-knit team
  • Team outings, sports activities, Friday afternoon drinks and parties. Only if you need it.

Is this job made for you?

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