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Project Analyst


We are looking for talent that wants to go beyond an advisory model. With us, a tender means that we actually participate in the tender. Green light means project delivery. That means that what we say we can do.

At Count & Cooper we are working on a new model for project delivery. We distinguish ourselves from engineering firms, project managers and consultancy firms because we ourselves participate in a tender or are a risk-bearing partner in an infrastructure or construction project.

We believe that smart management adds value. We believe in this so strongly that we participate from the set up of a tender - and sometimes even pull the cart by initiating a tender. As a risk-bearing party, we are present in the very center of our projects, making us one of the first in the Netherlands.

Project delivery takes courage, professionalism and a little flair. You probably have one alot, the other enough, but you still have to work on one of the three.

Count & Cooper is willing to invest in talent. We want you to develop into the best version of yourself. Because only those who believe in themselves and in what they say can actually carry it out.

Make it count, count from day one.

We work on large and complex tenders and implementation projects, because that is where we find the most challenge, innovation and the possibility of smart integration. As a starter at Count & Cooper, you will be given your own responsibilities within the team from day one.

This starts with small assignments such as analysing comments on a plan or developing an environmental analysis. After a few weeks you organise planning sessions yourself, work out the traffic plan or, for example, devise the environmental approach for a project.

After two months you will be fully responsible for your parts and you will be the contact person for your scope within the project. The responsibilities keep growing so that you can keep developing.

Join the Count & Cooper Academy

All our Project Analysts follow the two-year Project Analyst Programme, in which you learn more about yourself and the projects you work on. During intensive learning modules and mentor sessions, we give talent the space to get to know themselves and the tender world. Prepare for management simulations, serious gaming, role-playing and a learning route outside your comfort zone.

Unlike many academies or traineeships, the Count & Cooper Academy is not just for starters. After all, human capital is our most important asset, and we are convinced that if we fully invest in it, we will earn back both ways. Every employee - including the partners - follows various training courses, coaching sessions and practical modules in order to continue to develop.

Become yourself

What works for one person may not apply to another. That is why you'll explore your personality and how you can develop yourself more and give others the space to do the same. So that the team really becomes a team.

Because you don't put a defender in the attack or vice versa. You prefer to make an ideal line-up and we ensure that there is coaching from the sidelines. Because there is the overview and the peace. So you are in the middle of a dynamic team with the hectic and adrenaline of a large project, and you still find room for reflection and improvement.

We are looking for starters with a maximum of two years of work experience with a completed technical university education. Students with a different university profile are also welcome to apply if they have an affinity with construction, project delivery and tendering.

We specifically look for talents who have the ambition to become the best and who can develop quickly. Talents who are self-aware understand what their job is and how to approach it, or would like to learn how to approach it. And people with an amazing talent for reasoning and wanting to develop it further, finding feedback a gift to develop their own professional style.

Working on growth

We only participate in large and complex projects, in which we take the lead ourselves. That means a lot of responsibility, which we divide over various key positions for team members. To achieve this, we have set up a job classification system in which you can grow quickly within the company if you function well.

We want and believe that with the right guidance, a Project Analyst can develop into a Consultant within two years, someone with a focus on the right outlines and who can take care of details. Someone who doesn't just do things right, but does the right things. Someone who can work well together, inspire and guide a process.

What can we offer you?

  • Count & Cooper Academy
  • Market-based salary and good bonus scheme
  • Mobility allowance
  • 30 vacation days
  • Challenge and responsibility
  • The best colleagues (really!) In a close-knit team
  • Team outings, sports activities, Friday afternoon drinks and parties. Only if you need it.

Is this job made for you?

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