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FULL-TIME, 10 TO 16 WEeks

Count & Cooper is looking for sharp and proactive interns with a critical eye who are eager to learn new things. Talents that let us and themselves discover what they are capable of. With us you can choose our internship program or start a graduation research.

Risk-bearing party

At Count & Cooper we are working on a new project delivery model. We believe that smart management adds value. We believe in this so strongly that we participate from the moment of tendering - and increasingly take the lead ourselves by initiating a tender. As a risk-bearing party, we are at the heart of our projects, making us one of the first in the Netherlands.

We are at the intersection of innovation, management and execution. We are looking for people who are professional, who have guts and who possess a bit of flair. Whether you fit in with this, is best answered for us and for yourself when you participate in the practice for a short time. That is why we have developed an internship program in which you are fully part of a project team and are given control over your own issue within a project.

Your own scope

For example, you can participate in Project Veenix, where we integrate greenery into the new A9 motorway in an innovative way. You can also participate in one of our tenders for urban redevelopment, such as replacing the quay walls on the Amsterdam canals. Or maybe you'd be better off in an overarching position and join our digital team, in which you link data to innovative blueprints and help build the future. We would be happy to talk to you about which team you prefer and whether the scope of the issue fits your profile and interest.

Whichever internship you are going to do, the common denominator is that in the months with us you get a complete picture of our innovative model for project delivery. That is an important lesson that you will take with you in your further development, whether you ultimately decide to apply with us or not.

Many of our internships are on site - at the project location - for four days a week. On Fridays, all our employees work at our office at the Groot Handelsgebouw, next to Rotterdam Central Station. In addition to your work under your own scope, you will, when there is room for it, contribute to the issues of your team members.

The assessment of your internship goes from top to bottom: the answer to your question and how you arrived at it predominates. This leads to a clear and understandable assessment, constructive for the next step in your career.

Explore your business-self

Within Count & Cooper, we see human capital as our most important asset. This goes beyond knowledge about the project, which also requires a lot of self-knowledge. That is why we challenge you to explore your business self during your internship. We want to give you a starting point for exploring how your strengths can fully mature over the rest of your career - and how you function successfully in a team.

During your internship you will participate in the junior days of the Count & Cooper Academy. You will also have your own mentor who will discuss the progress with you, not only of the solution to your problem, but also of your personal development during your internship.

We are looking for

We are looking for students in the last phase of their technical university education. Students with a different university profile are also welcome to apply if they have an affinity with construction, project management and tendering.

More specifically, we look for talents who have the ambition to become the best and develop themselves accordingly. Students with a strong talent for reasoning and who find feedback a gift to further develop their own professional style.

What can we offer you?

  • Generous thesis allowance
  • Personal development
  • Responsibility for your own scope
  • A clear head-to-tail assessment
  • A dynamic team with nice colleagues

Thesis internship

You can also do a thesis internship at Count & Cooper. You work independently on your graduation research, related to our organization and one of our project groups. You can develop a hypothesis yourself, or do so in consultation with us.

You will be assigned a supervisor from Count & Cooper, who will discuss the progress with you on a regular basis and provide tools for the answers to your hypothesis. While writing your thesis, you are invited to participate in our Academy days.

Is this job made for you?

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