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Count & Cooper is looking for an ambitious Consultant who wants to shake up the construction world together with us. Someone who wants to make an impact on society through innovative advice. A team player who seamlessly blends knowledge and implementation.

Expand your scope

At Count & Cooper we are working on a new model for project delivery. As a participating project advisor, we are project leaders for major infrastructural renewals and public construction projects. We are a risk-bearing party, which is why we are present in the very center of our projects. Our people are an important link in social developments and sustainability.

Because Count & Cooper always participates in a tender, consultancy with us goes further than just telling parties what they should do, in a hypothetical ideal. An advice is only fruitful for us if it is actually implemented. Assumptions in our advice must be substantiated and scope must be addressed and justified. This requires a particularly strong thinking and imagination on the part of our consultant, a special skill to work together and a personal motivation for team dynamics.

Innovation and smart integration

We only do large and complex tenders and implementation projects, because that is where we find the most challenge, innovation and the possibility of smart integration. With us, a project is divided into different specialisms, in which we work on issues regarding, for example, project management, environment or design.

Examples like risk management of an implementation project, the planning of a sub-project and quality in a tender. Every Consultant with us works on his or her own scope and continues to expand it.

As a consultant you guide our Project Analysts and learn to think strategically about the project vision. You are responsible for your advice and you also learn to perform under pressure.

You rely on your own knowledge and learn how to best use that of others, within your own team and with collaborating parties. In your contact with various stakeholders you learn to make decisions and to direct projects yourself, in the office and on-site.

Who are we looking for?

The profile of our ideal candidate is best described as a particularly ambitious person with a completed technical university education and two to five years of work experience in the construction sector (project management, implementation, consultancy).

We are looking for a person who has focus on the right outlines and can take care of details. Someone who doesn't just do things right, but does the right things. Someone who can work well together, inspire and guide a process.

And above all, a person who is aware of his/her knowledge and skills, but also what it takes to develop them to its full glory. Openness, guts and an insatiable urge for personal and professional growth.

Count & Cooper Academy

Human capital is our most important asset, in which we continuously invest. Every employee receives a training program through our Count & Cooper Academy for theoretical deepening, skills and personal leadership.

For Consultants this means a three-day High Performance Leadership training and six days a year intensive training in the field of self-knowledge, personal development and influence.

Everyone at Count & Cooper also follows a technical program in which mentors and professionals give workshops, master classes, workshops and practical modules. Six times a year, all employees participate in an extensive intervision program, in which you openly discuss challenges in our field and personal skills with fellow Consultants.

Job structure model and growth

We only participate in large and complex projects, in which we take the lead ourselves. That means a lot of responsibility, which we divide over various key positions for team members. That is why Count & Cooper works with a job structure model, in which employees grow along the same path.

We want and believe that with the right guidance, a Consultant will grow with us in two years to the position of Team Lead, in which he or she can contribute strategically to the project vision. Someone who can facilitate others in doing things right, someone who can coach, consult and bring added value by directing.

A Team Lead then grows within two to three years to Project Lead, then to Senior Project Lead and subsequently chooses to become a Project Manager or Business Lead, whether or not in partnership. We believe that all the people we hire are getting better at what they do and can get further and further at it. That is why we only hire people in whom we see great growth potential.

What can we offer you?

  • Count & Cooper Academy
  • Market-based salary and good bonus scheme
  • Mobility allowance
  • 30 vacation days
  • Challenge and responsibility
  • The best colleagues (really!) In a close-knit team
  • Team outings, sports activities, Friday afternoon drinks and parties. Only if you need it.

Two to five years of work experience

The position of this job, consultant, is aimed at people with two to five years of work experience. If you have two years of work experience as a consultant and you may not yet know enough about construction, but you do have an affinity with it, you can also choose to apply as a Project Analyst. Then you first follow our two-year project analyst program before moving on as a consultant. Feel free to ask us for more information or advice.

Is this job made for you?

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