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Dirk Bakker

SENIOR Project lead - count & cooper

As a fanatic athlete I like to push my limits to achieve a better result. With this winning mentality I thrive at Count & Cooper. I was working for a contractor when I met Count & Cooper on a project four years ago. The people and their way of working immediately inspired me. At the time, I sometimes encountered limits in my work and I saw that those limits are used at Count & Cooper as a starting point to better organise construction. For example, 4D plans are made to link everything. The starting points are to create insight and influence based on data and digital environments so that we can then make better project decisions. The untamed drive and enthusiasm of the people I met at Count & Cooper and the will to do things because things could be better made the switch for me.

"Boundaries are used as a starting point at Count & Cooper to better organise construction"

We are now eighteen months further and I am a Project Manager at Count & Cooper. I am preparing a major project that we won last year. I am responsible for the Joint Opportunity Team; this team has the common goal to improve the business case, for both the contractor and the client. We are going to add quality to the project. We want to deal with the conditions differently and smarter, which ultimately results in a win-win situation for everyone. It is extremely challenging to approach a project in a different and smarter way. I was used to this "thinking differently" being more of a coincidence. Count & Cooper is in the position to launch a project with this attitude from the start. We receive a lot of respect and trust on the project, which ensures a pleasant working climate.

I experience Count & Cooper as a unique company. All my colleagues are motivated and driven and everyone likes a difficult puzzle. This in combination with a lot of humor. People sometimes think that Count & Cooper is a "work hard play hard" company. It is much more than that: there is drive, flair and the will to improve. We want to be the best in everything we do. This does not only apply to the project, for example also in the drinks that are organised by the employees themselves. They are unique and fun. We celebrate successes extensively and that makes us very close as a team.

I recommend working at Count & Cooper because the projects are large and complex and because it is a company where you can learn a lot. The way of communicating and thinking is inspiring. There is exemplary behavior from my colleagues. The corporate culture is open; we give each other unsolicited feedback and you can ask any question. For example, I have learned to tell the message better and better, which increases the information density. Moreover, we deliver a performance as a team and not as an individual.

If you have the drive to do things differently, if you feel the world is changing and you think your current employer doesn't share that, then Count & Cooper is the right place for you. If you want to participate in this change and have the will to improve, I cordially invite you to apply.

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