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Arjan Oosterhof

Project Analyst - count & cooper

When I came in on my first day, I immediately heard an enthusiastic “Hey, there is Arjan!” from the group, after which I was welcomed by all my colleagues. I was able to experience that enthusiasm all day long, because I was welcomed by several colleagues. I never had to get bored. The fact that I was allowed to join a workshop 'business drawing' also contributed to this.

Arjan Oosterhof

"The urge to win as a collective is greater than the individual competitive urge."

Most colleagues work from Monday to Thursday at the project location and on Friday in our office in the Groothandelsgebouw. Friday is the perfect opportunity to get to know colleagues from other projects better. The Friday afternoon drinks, team outings, "Count & Cooper day" and training days contribute to the team feeling. In a short time I felt very welcome and at home.

My first project is a utility project in the Europoort where we do the process management of the implementation. On my first day in the shack, one of the foremen offered a tour of the construction site, which of course I couldn't refuse! With my architectural background, it is educational and interesting to be involved in electrical and mechanical installations. We are now close to completion and you can clearly imagine how the client will use the building in the future.

What the colleagues have in common is competition. Whether at the project or a game during Friday afternoon drinks: everyone ALWAYS wants to win. Fortunately, at the same time, people at Count & Cooper do not work with their elbows. I see colleagues helping each other and allowing each other their successes. The urge to win as a collective is greater than the individual competitive urge.

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