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A day at the Project site

WITH LAURA AT 'de entree'

De Entree, the renewal of the center side of Amsterdam Central, is a project with many partners, stakeholders and dependencies. Everything is closely related. This requires a lot of coordination and flexibility from everyone. In my role as interface coordinator and head of work preparation, I try to manage the dependencies within the project and to manage the dependencies of the contractor with external parties. A challenging and diverse role, which makes every day look different for me.

A day at the project site of 'De Entree' with Laura

so many things at the same time

We are currently in a phase where various activities are being carried out in parallel. We have started the construction of the underground bicycle parking facility, and preparatory work will soon take place for the widening of the Middle Access Bridge and the renewal of the tram infrastructure.

Work taking place at the same time, within the same area, with moving trams and 300,000 passers-by a day. The ultimate tuning challenge. Each discipline prepares its own activities and comes together to ensure that the activities can take place in parallel.


Today we have provided insight into who is carrying out which work at what time, by means of phasing drawings up to week-level. When translating the integral planning - in which all activities are described - into visual phasing drawings, the clashes between the activities become clear.

In order to guarantee the integrality, this means that you sometimes have to carry out work earlier or later. Or you need to take specific measures for the environment to meet the project planning. In this session we took various measures and found optimisations because all disciplines think together in the interest of the project.

What I do it for...

The contractors use the phasing drawings again to coordinate the activities on a day-to-day basis. A good time to also look at the work outside. On the construction site you realise again why we coordinate so much with each other. We are installing sheet piling and laying cables 30 meters further on.

In the water we are pulling poles, the tram passes by, groups of tourists are surprised to see all the cyclists, cars honk and pedestrians move further into Amsterdam. If you look from a distance it is a busy spectacle on a small part of Amsterdam where everything comes together. I see a well-laid puzzle that I am proud of.

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Project de entree

Stationsplein 45 | Unit A7.194
(Entree A, zijde Stationsplein)
3013 AK Rotterdam

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