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Interview Dennis Kuiper and Wouter de Graaf

Building new ways

Our society is imposing increasingly higher demands on infrastructure and building plans. As a result, the old, familiar way of working is often simply not good enough anymore. Strangely enough, and quite frankly, very little changes in practice. And that is not because parties do not want to change, it is because they do not really know how to. We believe that the construction world needs an outside boost. A company that thinks from different conventions and uses new technologies. A company that is not a competitor or a threat, but is a strong asset. That company is Count & Cooper. That is precisely why we recently presented our new brand positioning. Founders Wouter and Dennis explain how this came about and what Count & Cooper adds to the construction world with it.


“The world's largest taxi company does not own its own cars. And the largest hotel chain in the world does not own its own rooms. Uber and Airbnb are next-gen companies that simply bring parties together and use technology to do this as efficiently, reliably and profitably as possible. Game changers. And that is exactly how we make an impact; we are the builder who does not build. ”

- Wouter

New combinations are the basis of every form of innovation and progress, as the economist Schumpeter described in the last century with "neue Combinationen". “We strongly believe in that,” explains Dennis. “The construction industry is described by McKinsey as "the industry where the least progress has been made in recent years and where there is the most room for innovation and progress". That is precisely why Count & Cooper is constantly looking for new combinations. From talent, from companies each with their own specialism, and from old-fashioned craftsmanship with all the new technologies available today.”

CHANGING THE construction world TOGETHER

Innovating, and thus creating those new combinations, is not something Count & Cooper does alone. “We are not going to change the construction world alone, we are going to take care of that together. We believe in the power of collaboration, because that produces the most combinations. And in doing so, learn from each other and move forward together”, says Wouter. "Building new ways, as the new Count & Cooper pay-off reads, is in that sense an open invitation to the entire industry to connect."