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Hybrid collaboration at the office

Interview with Dirk Bakker

Count & Cooper often works in teams. Colleagues work at the head office and on various large construction projects throughout the country. A mix of meetings is used for this. Some meetings are 100% physical. But a large part of the meetings are now hybrid meetings. In this story we look at the solution of hybrid collaboration in the office.

At the renovated head office of Count & Cooper - project office for civil projects - in Rotterdam, we spoke to Dirk Bakker - partner and Practice Lead Digital Project Management. The topic of discussion was how and with which technology they collaborate efficiently.

You want hybrid meetings to run smoothly

To facilitate hybrid meetings, all meeting rooms are equipped by AVEX with a Jabra Panacast – a video bar with 3 cameras. And that is why it is used a lot. The panoramic 180-degree image of the video bar is particularly pleasing. This feature gives a nice overview of the entire meeting room. This way you can clearly see all physical participants in the meeting room. The camera also smoothly switches to a close-up of the speaker who is speaking. Another frequently used function is the possibility to simultaneously visualize a whiteboard in the meeting room online.

All meeting rooms provide a simple plug-in solution.

The main reason for this is that it just always works. Simply connect the USB cable to your laptop or tablet and you can immediately start the meeting. Much less sensitive to interference and with the advantage that you can also immediately charge your device. Very convenient, because the office is right next to Rotterdam Central, so many colleagues travel by train. This way they always have a full battery to be able to use travel time efficiently.

Multifunctional use of the work café

In addition to furnishing the meeting rooms, AVEX also equipped the Count & Cooper Work Café with a new QSC audio installation and 2 Samsung 85” displays for presentations. And a personalized Catchbox to stimulate interaction. This new equipment is also used a lot. In the past, people rented a room at an external location for the quarterly meeting and training sessions. With the renovation of the office, one of the wishes was to create a large multifunctional work café. The entire company can gather here on Fridays, but it is now also used for the quarterly meeting and training sessions. Better for the team feeling and it saves costs for renting a location.

Why choose AVEX: because of the possibility of a demo in the decision phase

Count & Cooper has chosen AVEX as AV partner in this project. There had never been collaboration before; they came to AVEX via the internet.

Dirk Bakker: “What was really nice in our search for a suitable solution – in addition to the contact with Mark Boddeke, our account manager and point of contact – was definitely the opportunity to test the selected equipment to see how it works in practice. ”

Text: AVEX | Images: AVEX | Date: 13-02-2023