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Making an impact: How Count & Cooper helps build a sustainable future

June 5, 2023

Count & Cooper is not a construction company. Nevertheless, it contributes to a future-proof Netherlands. How? By forming an optimal project team together with builders in the complex ...

Interview Hannah Gutjahr

March 23, 2023

Hi! I'm Hannah Gutjahr and I've been working at Count & Cooper for two months. I'm having a great time here! Before I started working in construction and infrastructure, I worked in ...

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Hybrid collaboration at the office

February 13, 2023

Count & Cooper often works in teams. Colleagues work at the head office and on various large construction projects throughout the country. A mix of meetings is used for this. 

Building new ways with a Spanish-Dutch combination

March 22, 2021

After a competitive tender process for the A9, RWS chose VeenIX in 2019, a consortium consisting of the Australian investment bank Macquarie, the German technology ...

Project management at De Entree

December 17, 2020

She is project manager at project De Entree and works for Count & Cooper, a partner of Max Bögl. Eline van der Bij, who lives in Amsterdam herself, ...

Interview Jara Brinkman

December 14, 2020

Contractor VEENIX is already busy outside with preparatory work for the widening and deepening of the A9 between the interchanges ...

Interview Dennis Kuiper and Wouter de Graaf

September 30, 2020

Our society is imposing increasingly higher demands on infrastructure and building plans. As a result, the old, familiar way of working is often simply not good enough anymore.


that you can focus on what you are good at in a consortium. No distractions, because the overview is taken care of for you. This allows every partner to focus on their own strength and get the best out of the project. It’s no longer a matter of imagination. It’s one of the ways in which Count & Cooper, together with its partners, is reinventing construction. Making it more efficient, more predictable and more sustainable.

Our stories

Who are the people who work at Count & Cooper? What is their concern and what is important to them? Read in a series of short stories how our team members experience it.

Lisa Santen

30 november 2021

Two years ago I got to know Count & Cooper through the Business Course and from the first moment I felt at home. This was primarily due to colleagues, but also ...

Coen Slagers

30 november 2021

In September 2020 I met Count & Cooper for the first time. As a graduate I saw how they presented their vision and ambitions about digitizing construction projects at ...

Arjan Oosterhof

Arjan Oosterhof

8 augustus 2019

When I came in on my first day there was an enthusiastic “Hey, that's Arjan! from the group, after which I was welcomed by all my colleagues.

Hanna Moonen

3 oktober 2018

From day one, as a fresh graduate, I feel very much at home here. Count & Cooper consists of a group of committed, enthusiastic and ambitious people who do not ...

Henk-Jan Zoer

3 oktober 2018

No day or week is the same. My work as a project leader varies enormously. One minute I'm preparing the project management team...