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New combinations generate new ideas and innovations


Building a new model for project delivery

Daredevils take responsibility

Our society places high demands on infrastructure and building plans. This requires innovators, smart builders and good planners. More disciplines are needed for one project and projects are getting bigger and bigger. This places high demands on collaboration between parties and how they fulfill the task effectively and efficiently in cohesion. This is the specialism that Count & Cooper brings in, we call it "integrated project delivery".

Because we believe that we make a major contribution to project success, we are prepared to participate in a risk-bearing manner. We therefore position ourselves as a partner in the consortium, despite the fact that we do not build anything physically ourselves. We supply teams supported by digital technology and are therefore often the smallest party in the consortium, with major impact.

Successful output


We organise and set up the conditions for cooperation and provide professional manpower, technical expertise and new technology with which we solve and advance the technical challenges.

We have expertise in both process and technical disciplines. We are used to summarising the chosen approach in price-quality offers (Economically Most Advantageous Tender) for our client. We first build all our projects virtually (3D linked to planning) before we get started outside. Together we arrive at a smart approach that suits all our cooperation partners - well received by our clients.

Nothing is given


Because we are a partner in the consortium, we are not only responsible, but also risk-bearing for a successful output. This not only gives us the freedom, but also the incentive to only work with the best-in-class: parties that have developed in their own focus area and have become market leaders.

By allowing these parties to excel, we ensure that tenders are won and that public space is organised in a smarter way.

Trust in each other's strengths


Our strength does not lie in knowing everything, our strength lies in making new combinations. Not only rely on our own innovative strength, but bring parties and ideas together to arrive at the best solutions

We specialise in making other innovators and construction companies excel. This creates synergy. This is often worth a thousand times more than inventing the wheel itself.


that all the information collected over the years, and stored in all the different construction sheds, would be stored in one place. So you can learn from the past and not make the same mistakes in the future as before. By linking data, we gain more extensive insights into our projects and how we can better manage them. From budget to manpower, from environmental work to seasonal influences. It’s one of the ways in which Count & Cooper, together with its partners, is reinventing construction. Making it more efficient, more predictable and more sustainable.